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Holistic Therapies

Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre


At Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre, we take a holistic approach towards health and and wellbeing. We encourage our clients to follow a path that looks at treating body, mind and spirit as part of their healing process. We treat each client individually, and as such our wide range of sevices can be specifically tailored towards their own specific needs. Our therapies are provided in a caring, professional and confidential manner.

If you are unsure which therapy would be best for you, contact our team today to discuss your options.

What holistic therapies do we offer?

At Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre, we provide clients with a range of professional holistic therapies, including:

➤ Reiki

➤ Holistic Body Massage

➤ Ayurvedic energy balancing foot massage

➤ Lymphatic drainage massage

➤ Pregnancy Massage

➤ Deep Tissue Massage

➤ Indian Head Massage

➤ Myofascial Release Therapy

➤ Emotional Lumen Hypnotherapy

➤ Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

➤ Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

➤ QHHT – [Past Life Regression]

➤ Facial Rejuvination

➤ Spiritual Life Coachingy

➤ Bio Energy Therapy

➤ Integrated Energy Therapy - Angel Healing

➤ Rahanni Celestial Healing

➤ Access Bars Therapy

➤ Family Constellation Therapy / Ancestral Healing

➤ Tarot Card Readings

➤ Reflexology

➤ Facial Reflexology

➤ Acupuncture

➤ Homeopathy

➤ Naturopathy

Contact our team today to book professional holistic therapies!

The benefits of having a holistic massage

There are many benefits of having a holistic massage:

➤ A holistic massage can reduce stress and anxiety levels

➤It can improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the body

➤ A holistic massage can relieve tension within your muscles

➤ It can promote better slee

Are you in search of alternative healing methods? Contact our team today for more information on holistic therapies!

Why choose our holistic therapies?

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing our holistic therapies at Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre:

➤ We have a range of different teachers and therapists working with us

➤ Each therapist and teacher specialises in different areas of holistic therapies and classes

➤ We personalise every service to our client’s needs and goals

Are you looking to book a holistic massage? Contact Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre today!

Holistic Therapies FAQ’s

Are our holistic therapies generalised?

At Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre, we personalise holistic therapies based on your needs and goals.

What is the catchment area of our various holistic therapies?

At Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre, we provide clients holistic therapies from our holistic therapy centre in Kildare.

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