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Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre

Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre

To book any of our teachers for holistic therapies or classes, contact our team today!


At Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre, we recognize the tremendous benefits Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates classes can bring our clients. That's why we are proud to have some well-experienced and skilled teachers in the industry-leading our classes.


Our teachers provide various holistic therapies, classes and workshops, from yoga classes, life coaching, womb healing, tarot card readings, and meditation.

Are you looking to book a class with one of our teachers? Contact our team today!

Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre

DAYNA – Yoga teacher, workshop facilitator and life coach

Dayna is an international yoga teacher, workshop facilitator and life coach. Dayna uses a balance of energetic approaches and systematic interventions for healing & creating a life full of passion, love & fulfilment. Dayna also works in the field of sacred sexuality for men & women

Contact information

To book a class with Dayna, you can contact her using the information below:

Whatsapp: +529581111300

What services does Dayna offer?

  •  Full moon Cacao & Yoga March 5th, 11am (2 hours) Workshop For all levels

  • Yoga Activation (1 hour) Block classes every Thursday at 10am For intermediate

  • Life Coaching Sessions (Emotions, energy, desires, sense of self in relationships, feminine & masculine healing) (1 hour) For all genders

  • Coaching for men (Empowering masculinity, unblocking energy, connecting to the heart, purpose, relationships, truth, sexuality)

  • Womb Healing 1:1 (2 hours)

  • Father Wound Healing (Emotional Embodiment) 1:1 (2 hours)

  • 1:1 personalised Yoga

  • Tarot Readings

Contact our teachers today for more information on our holistic therapies and classes!

Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre

CECILIA – Yoga and Meditation Teacher

I'm Cecelia, a yoga and meditation teacher from Newbridge. With a background as a fitness instructor, I am passionate about healing and helping people to feel better about themselves from the inside.

Contact information

Contact Cecilia today, using the information below:

Phone: 0872401182


Instagram: yogawithcecelia or celiaannmoran

Facebook: Celia Moran

What services does Cecilia offer?

Cecilia provides clients with a range of yoga & meditation classes - developed to help you come back home to yourself, self-care focused towards healing.

Yoga Classes:

Thursday night 7.15pm - 8.15pm - Beginnners/Improvers Saturday morning 8.30am - 9.30am - Beginners/improvers

Meditation Classes:

Thursday night 8.30pm - 9.30pm - All level

Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre

Catherine – Yoga Teacher

Catherine originally trained in traditional Hatha Yoga followed by a further training in trauma informed Yin Yoga.  She is a certified Transformation Coach and Human Design Reader. She runs her business, Shine Trilogy from her home in Kildare.

Contact information

Contact Catherine directly to book.

Phone: 086 6007493


Instagram: shinetrilogy


What services does Catherine offer?

CLASSES - Yin Yang Yoga
Fridays at 6pm

This is a 60 minute class, the first half focusing on the yang aspect of yoga with a hatha vinyasa flow marrying breath and movement building on balance, strength, flexibility and mobility.  The second half of the class focuses on the yin aspect of yoga with a deep relaxing yin session where everything slows down, the body surrenders, the student moves inward to the slow deep exhale, finding space and a connection to self.

Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre

Maria – Kundalini Teacher

Maria teaches self-awakening through Kundalini yoga.  Her aim is to help her students awaken to the many possibilities of life, connect with their inner self and to unlock their true essence.  Maria transitioned from being a student to a teacher of Kundalini yoga when she achieved her 200 YTT certificate in 2021 with Guru Singh from the Kundalini University.

We live in a fast-paced world filled with too many distractions. Anxiety is almost the order of the day. Life has become mundane and almost robot-like to so many. It seems like we are constantly wearing a mask and keeping up appearances to the point that we’ve forgotten who we really are.  For all these reasons, Maria now devotes her time to teaching the practice of Kundalini yoga. Using beautiful shamanic music during her classes to match each exercise, Maria has designed her classes to be for a small circle of students to ensure that every student feels comfortable in the space.

Contact information

To book a spot or for more information please contact Maria:


Whatsapp: 086-7905610


Instagram: @humee_yoga

Facebook: @humee_yoga

What services does Maria offer?

Maria’s class is suitable for all levels with or without previous experience of Kundalini yoga.  During a one-hour class, the following activities will usually be practiced:

  • Paced breath-work to calm the mind

  • A variety of asanas, which strengthen the nervous system and glandular system

  • The use of mantras to balance the mind and body

  • Meditations to promote concentration and consciousness

Maria provides one-hour classes each Wednesday morning at 9:45 am in the Balanced Holistic Centre.

Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre

Lydia – Reiki Master and Teacher

Lydia Marshall has been helping people in communities over the past 10 years and has vast experience with both adults and children. To book your apt call 0857555764


She is a Reiki Master and teacher alongside diplomas in meditation, spiritual life coaching, indian head massage, facial rejuvenation massage and Holistic massage. Lydia also hosts Women's healing circles and meditation circles.

Contact information

If you have any questions please let me know 0857555764

Many thanks 


What services does Lydia offer?

Reiki 1 hr €70

Spiritual life coaching 1 hr €70

Holistic Massage 1 hr €70

Blended therapy (e.g.Indian head and back massage ) 1 hr €70

Womens healing circles 1.5 hrs €20 per person 

Meditation group 1hr €15 per person 

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