Laura is a qualified psychotherapist and yoga teacher.

Emotional Eating

Laura combines the techniques she has learned from years spent working as a psychotherapist specialising in weight management and couples this with yogic practices that are renowned for their healing abilities. This is an all encompassing approach to tackling this difficult issue and will take a holistic view of the problem and the person, rather than focusing solely on food. 

During these sessions, she will help you look at the emotional reasons which lead you to eat and teach you how to intervene before binging occurs. You will also look at confidence, self esteem and kindness toward yourselves.


From a physical perspective, you will engage in poses to stimulate the digestive system and the thyroid gland while also building up a sweat. You will look at breathing techniques which have been shown in clinical studies to increase fat burning and reduce stress and anxiety.


Finally, you will learn how to still the mind and sit in meditation. Through meditation and deep self reflection, you’ll learn to understand your triggers and how to observe and evaluate a situation before reacting.

At least six sessions are encouraged.


Each session is one hour.

Sessions cost 50.

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