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Meet our Teachers


Lidwien - Yoga and Pilates

Yoga Teacher

Lidwien specialises in Core stability and strength as well as back care and bone health and integrates Fascia-focused movement into her sequencing.
Lidwien works with various levels and abilities (groups, teams and privates). She also occasionally assists in assessing and examining new Pilates Mat teacher trainees. 
As well as creating a strong, fluid and balanced body that moves with ease, Lidwien is passionate about harmonising balance and ensuring the natural flow of life force energy in our body and mind to improve focus, motivation, inspiration and clarity.

What services does Lidwien offer?

Lidwien is a fully qualified:

  • Yoga teacher (500 RYS-advanced teacher qualification) 

  • Hatha & Raja

  • Vinyasa 

  • Yin & Mindfulness 

  • Yoga for Athletes 

  • She’s also a fully qualified Pilates Mat instructor, small equipment and special populations teacher (beginners to advanced).

  • Lidwien has over ten years of teaching experience. 


Class schedule: Mondays: 18.00- 19.10 Yoga Yin & Yang flow For Beginners and Improvers. All classes end with a relaxation/ meditation 19.15-20.25 Yoga fluid flow For the more experienced. (all classes end with a relaxation/ meditation) Tuesdays 18.05-19.05 Pilates For beginners and Improvers ( suitable for anyone with lower back issues) 19.15-20.25 Pilates with small equipment For the more experienced. Wednesdays 18.05-19.05 Pilates For beginners and Improvers ( suitable for anyone with lower back issues) 19.15-20.25 Yoga Yin & Yang flow For beginners and Improvers. All classes end with a relaxation/ meditation (suitable for anyone with lower back issues) Saturdays 11 - 12 noon Pilates For beginners and Improvers. (Suitable for anyone with lower back issues)

6-week courses 75euro.


Drop in 15euro

(only allowed in the more experienced classes, subject to availability)

Contact information

For more information and to book, contact Lidwien at: 087-7784261

Instagram: @mind_body_synergy
Facebook: mind-body synergy

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Cecelia - (teacher)

Cecelia - Yoga & Meditation teacher & Breathwork Facilitator

CECILIA - (teacher)

Yoga & Meditation teacher & Breathwork Facilitator

I'm Cecelia from Newbridge, with a background in fitness and the beauty industry. Cecelia has a wealth of knowledge on balancing mind, body and spirit. She is passionate about healing and helping people to feel better about themselves from the inside.


What services does Cecelia offer?

Cecelia provides clients with a range of yoga and meditation classes - developed to help them come back home to themselves, self-care focused towards healing.
Cecelia also now offers breathwork as well as regular workshops combining meditation, breathwork and acupuncture.

Yoga Classes:

Thursday night 7.15 pm - 8.15 pm - Beginners/Improvers Saturday morning 8.30 am - 9.30 am - Beginners/improvers

Available for one to one, group sessions and corporate sessions and events

Contact Cecelia today using the information below:

Phone: 0872401182


Instagram: yogawithcecelia or celiaannmoran

Facebook: Celia Moran

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CATHERINE - (teacher)

Catherine - Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga

Yoga Teacher

Catherine originally trained in traditional Hatha Yoga, followed by further training in trauma-informed Yin Yoga. She is a certified Transformation Coach and Human Design Reader. She runs her business, Shine Trilogy, from her home in Kildare.

What services does Catherine offer?


CLASSES - Yin Yang Yoga 

Fridays at 6 pm

This is a 60-minute class, the first half focusing on the yang aspect of yoga with a hatha vinyasa flow marrying breath and movement, building on balance, strength, flexibility and mobility. The second half of the class focuses on the yin aspect of yoga with a deep, relaxing yin session where everything slows down, the body surrenders, the student moves inward to the slow, deep exhale, finding space and a connection to self.

Contact information

Contact Catherine directly to book.

Phone: 086 6007493


Instagram: shinetrilogy


CATHERINE - (teacher)
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Maria - Kundalini Yoga

Maria Fok.jpeg

Kundalini Teacher

Hi, I am Maria, a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. I aim to uplift and empower my students, help them awaken to the many possibilities of life, connect with their inner selves and unlock their true essence.

What classes does Maria provide?

Complemented with beautiful shamanic music during classes to match each exercise, Maria designed her courses for small groups of students to ensure everyone feels comfortable in the space.

Duration: approx 60- 70 minutes 

  • Meditation brings moments of stillness, clarity and reflection into life.

  • Breath work and physical yoga pose to activate the Kundalini energy to increase energy, vitality and a sense of inner strength.

  • A variety of exercises which strengthen the nervous system and glandular system. 

  • Using mantras and sound to unlock and channel creative energy leads to greater inspiration and productivity.

Class time: Wednesday @ 9:45 am

Contact information:

Mobile: 086-7905610 

WhatsApp: 086-7905610


Instagram: @humee_yoga

Facebook: @humee_yoga

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Aoife Bolger

Aoife Bolger - Pregnancy Yoga, Mum & Baby Post-natal Yoga and Baby Massage

Aoife Bolger - (teacher)

Yoga Teacher

Aoife Bolger is a Kildare native and well-travelled, Yoga-loving Mama!

Aoife is a Mom to two amazing boys and specialises in Women’s Health through all life stages.

Aoife is passionate about supporting women through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Aoife also loves to support partners and new families through her work.

Aoife holds teaching diplomas in classical Hatha Yoga from Yoga Vidya Gurukul in India and Vinyasa Yoga with David Curtis of Vinyasa Yoga Ireland.

Aoife has completed additional training in women and Pregnancy Yoga with Lou Horgan of Lou Yoga and Mum and Baby Post Natal Yoga with Melissa Curtis of Tummy Love.

Aoife is a Baby Massage Instructor accredited by the International Association of Infant Massage.

Aoife runs classes and workshops in Pregnancy Yoga, Mum and baby Post-natal Yoga and Baby Massage.

Aoife also plans to bring Active Birth Workshops for Mamas-to-be and their birthing partners later this year!

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga
⁃ Safe and mindful movement builds strength and flexibility in the body
⁃ Specialised yoga soothes common pregnancy symptoms
⁃ Pelvic floor exercises for toning and releasing
⁃ Meditation and Breath-work to calm a busy mind
⁃ Time out to reconnect with yourself and bond with your baby
⁃ Birth and recovery preparation for all birth pathways
⁃ Deep restorative relaxation

Benefits of Baby Massage
⁃ Relaxation for Parent and Baby through touch, movement, interaction and connection
⁃ Develops positive bonding and attachment
⁃ Soothes digestive issues, wind and colic
⁃ Promotes weight gain (especially in premature babies)
⁃ Enhances normal infant sleep development
⁃ Social time out with other parents and babies in a calm, relaxing and supportive environment

Benefits of Mum & Baby Post-Natal Yoga
⁃ Reconnect with and nourish your post-partum body
⁃ Releases post-pregnancy and birth-related tension
⁃ Pelvic floor toning and releasing
⁃ Gentle core connection and toning
⁃ Breath-work to calm the mind and nervous system
⁃ Stimulation for baby in a calm, friendly and supportive environment
⁃ Supports babies' brain coordination, digestive issues and release of any birth-related tension
⁃ Supports bonding and connection
⁃ Lovely social time for new mamas and their babies


  •     Pregnancy Yoga - Fridays 7.15 pm - 8.30 pm

  •     Mum & Baby Post-natal Yoga - Tuesdays 9.45 - 10.45 am

  •     Baby Massage - Tuesdays 11.15 - 12.45 pm


Contact information

To get in touch with Aoife,

DM her on Instagram @aoifebolger_yoga_celebrant or

WhatsApp her on 085 702 3472

Aoife’s booking link:

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Sarah - Healing yoga

Yoga Teacher

Hello, my name is Sarah. My classes are about bringing the awareness back to ourselves so we can heal, learn and love ourselves unconditionally. 

I am a fully qualified (250hr RYT) Yoga Instructor. I have Qualifications in Classical Hatha Yoga, Traditional Ashtanga Yoga, Going Beyond the Asana, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, and Meditation. 

What services does Sarah offer?

All my classes start with grounding practices and gentle affirmations, followed by a Yoga flow, finishing with a relaxing, restful, guided relaxation.

I also run weekly yoga classes along with Seasonal 1/2 and full-day retreats, incorporating all of my yoga classes, Meditation, Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, This is a Blissful Day to Restore and Unwind the Mind and Body.
One-to-one classes are also available.

Monday 10 am - 1hr 15mins 

Beginner friendly 

Benefits include:

💜Posture alignment
💜Breath-Body Balance 
💜Relax - Rewind

Tuesday 8.30 pm - 1hr 15mins 

Beginner / intermediate 

Benefits include: 

💜Build Strength 
💜Build Flexibility 
💜Learn to Use your Breath to reduce stress 
💜Enjoy Brighter Moods
💜Learn to Love yourself unconditionally 

Wednesday 8.30 pm - 1hr 15mins 

Beginner / intermediate 

Benefits include:

💜Reduce Perimenopause Symptoms 
💜Reduce Menopause Symptoms 
💜Enjoy Brighter Moods 
💜Build Strength & Flexibility 
💜Learn to Use your Breath to reduce stress

Contact information

To connect with me, book my classes, retreats or purchase vouchers please reach out through the below channels:

Ph: 0896084431

IG: healing_yoga_with_sarah

FB: healingyogawithsarah


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Deepa – Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation 


Yoga Teacher

Namaste – I am Deepa, a 500 RYT Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Breath (Pranayama) Coach. I am based in Newbridge with classes at Balanced Bodies and Online. My practice is open to everyone as I strive to create a safe place for people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. I am very excited to welcome you to my class.

What services does Deepa offer?

Classes Offered
Flow Class – Beginners and Improvers  
This class is for people who have never practised Yoga before and for students who want to restart their practice with mindful attention to alignment using props like blocks and belts.

Benefits: Building Strength, Mobility and Flexibility.

Duration: 60 mins

Time: Saturday @ 9:45 am.

Venue: Balanced Bodies Newbridge

Contribution: €15 drop in and €48 for 4 classes

Please bring your own mats. 

Blocks and belts provided.


An Evening Flow – Improvers and Advanced

This is an online class practiced from the comfort of your own home. The style of yoga is Hatha-Vinyasa Flow. A recording of the class will be provided even if you cannot attend.

Duration: 60 mins

Time: Thursday @ 8:30 pm

Venue: Online

Contribution: €60 for six classes.

Contact Information

Phone: 0879051416


Booking details: 0879051416

Instagram: @smiritiyoga

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Barbara Byrne

Barbara Byrne - Yoga

Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Barbara
I had been exploring ways to cope with depression and anxiety for many years before I discovered yoga. It wasn’t until my early 40s that I developed a regular practice.
I had previously allowed my limits around my body shape and age to stop me from pursuing yoga teacher training.
However, time spent online at meditation and yoga classes during COVID-19 helped me gain the confidence to begin my search for Yoga Teacher Training. Then, I found Aruna Yoga in 2022.

Embodied hatha yoga has taught me to get out of my head, listen to my body, and ask what it needs.

I am a Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Embodied Hatha Yoga & Meditation teacher.My wish is to make yoga and meditation accessible for every BODY. Also, I want to combine my years of learning – including life coaching, walking/hiking on the Camino Way and the trails in Ireland – with mediative skills that help individuals calm their minds and help them get out of their heads and into their bodies.

My classes are for you if you are a beginner or an experienced yogi looking to explore



Contact me

WhatsApp: 0879382614


Abi Beri

Abi Beri 

Abi Beri

Hi, I’m Abi, a Holistic Therapist and Tarot Card Reader based in Newbridge. My job as a holistic therapist is to be an open channel, allowing life force energy to work with me and through me for my client’s highest good. I look forward to working with you.

What services does ABI offer?

1) Bio Energy Therapy

2) Integrated Energy Therapy (Angel Healing)

3) Rahanni Celestial Healing

4) Tarot Card Readings

5) Access Bars Healing Therapy

6) Family constellation therapy/ Ancestral Healing

7) Angelic Reiki





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