Georgina is a yoga teacher and somatic movement educator. She specialises in pain management and mind body connection.

Somatic Movement Education

Countering the ageing process with bodily re-education.


" Why is it that humans, having learned to walk up-right, may lose this ability and often end up walking with a cane ? " Thomas Hanna


Thomas Hanna believed that we " can avoid the loss of bodily functions which is the curse of growing older".

Successful ageing !!!!


Stiffness, soreness and restricted range of movement is a result of habituated muscular contractions which we cannot - voluntarily- relax. On a daily basis our bodies are responding continuously to stress and trauma, overstimulation and information to process.

SME movements are done slowly, comfortably and with ease, they are not painful or forced. Through awareness of movement SME exercises unwind holding patterns in the body allowing you to enjoy normal activities in your life.

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