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Let Laura guide you to sit with your emotions during this unprecedented time.

Practice single leg stretch and scissors with Lidwien

Yoga Flow with Lidwien

Yoga Nidra - Use this before you go to bed, at the end of your class or any time you feel stressed

Side Line and Modified Side Bend

C- Curve, Roll Up and Seated Twist

Moon salutation

The 100

Gentle Flow/ Warm Up

Sequence - cat/cow, superman, plank, leg pull, mermaid

Part 1 - Shoulder bridge and reversed table with variations

Part 2 - Reversed plank and the saw

Yoga Flow - part 1

Yoga Flow - part 2

Yoga Flow - part 3

Bedtime Restorative Yoga

Flow Part 1

Flow Part 2 

Mindfulness Meditation

Standing yoga flow for bone health (part 1)

Standing yoga flow for bone health (part 2)

Supine stabilising sequence. ( suitable for low bone density)

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