Reiki Master Susanne offers both private treatments as well as Usui Reiki training courses Level 1 (Beginners), Level 2 (Practitioner) and Master/Teacher Level.

Reiki Treatment


REIKI is an ancient japanese hands-on energy healing technique.

Subtle energies (thoughts, emotions, trauma and external information) can accumulate in our bodies and create discomfort, imbalances and the beginnings of dis-ease.

During a Reiki/ Energy healing treatment accumulated undesirable energies are being removed from the body and replaced by a very pleasant and light energy- the energy of love.


Reiki/ Energy Healing can help with:

  • Sleep problems, Fatigue

  • Stress & Overwhelm

  • Fear & Anxiety

  • Pain Relief or Elimination

  • Trauma 

  • Grief

  • Maintaining general well-being

  • Boosting of Immune System

  • Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Healing

  • Accelerated recovery after surgery

We offer a 60min REIKI/ ENERGY HEALING TREATMENT in our clinic or as a distance healing via Skype



USUI Reiki Level 1 Training (Beginners)

“Learn how to create health and balance within yourself and your loved ones.”


Reiki is a non- invasive japanese energy healing technique. It provides a gentle yet effective way to healing.
Reiki works at the core of all dysfunctions, imbalances and dis(-)eases- within your subtle Energy Fields where the true foundation of healing is found.

Reiki promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. By clearing and rebalancing your energy fields you create the basis of peace and harmony within. Ailments that can improve with the help of Reiki:


*Stress and tension

*Anxiety & Fears
*Sleep problems, Fatigue 



*Low Energy levels
*Physical, mental/emotional Pain

*General well-being
*Chronic Conditions
*Low Immunity
*Recovery after surgery


This course is being taught at a beginner’s level. There is no previous experience required.
The focus of the Usui Reiki Level 1 Training is on teaching you how to heal yourself and your loved ones. You learn about:

*The Human Energy Field and Chakra System
*Manipulation of subtle Energies
*How dis(-)eases and imbalances manifest

*Grounding & Protecting yourself energetically
*How to heal and rebalance on all levels of being
*The History of Reiki


Take charge of your own health & well-being and learn how to confidently work with subtle energies to promote healing.


USUI Reiki Level 2 Training (Practitioner)

“Increasing the strength of your Energy flow, becoming a Reiki practitioner”

With the Reiki initiation to the second degree, your ability to channel energy will expand and the strength of the energy flowing through you increases. This increase of light energy and the use of the Reiki Healing Symbols will help you to help your clients more efficiently.

The Reiki Level 2 Training is focused on practical work.
You will learn about:

*How to manipulate subtle energies effectively within the body
*The application and use of Reiki Symbols
*Distance Healing
*Setting up your own Reiki practice
and much more...

As a qualified Reiki Level 2 healer you will be able to work with clients beyond your circle of friends and family and you will be eligible for Holistic Insurance.

To join this training course you must have completed a Reiki Level 1 training previously.

USUI Reiki Master/ Teacher Training

Perfect your ability of working with subtle energies, gain more knowledge and become a confident and professional Reiki Master & Teacher.

Learn how to use the powerful Master symbols (and addititonal healing symbols) successfully in attunements and treatments. Find out about the power of empowerments (Reiju), how to perform them and much more...

Allow your healing work to become more powerful and efficient.

A short interview is required before signing up!