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Susanne’s Testimonials

I've gone to Susanne for many of her treatments- massage, reiki, hypnotherapy and I did my reiki levels 1 and 2 with her, too. I'm so grateful to her for all that she's done for me to facilitate my clearing, healing and reprogramming of my unconscious so that I feel less anxious and blocked and more confident, happy and at peace. Susanne is so good at what she does. She's passionate, calm, connected and always ready to help. She makes me feel safe and loved during our sessions and cares about how I'm doing. I've noticed a positive difference in how I feel and interact with the world since these sessions with Susanne. Thank you so much!

I went to Susanne's clinic last week with terrible pain in my right shoulder. I had been suffering from the pain for a long time, and nothing could relieve me. For the last three months, I felt it getting worse, and finally, I reached such a point of pain that I couldn't help myself, go to work, or do basic things around myself. Any painkillers weren't helping... It took Susanne one hour to take the pain off my shoulder by 60% straightaway, and unbelievably, the next morning, the pain was completely gone. Thank you Susanne

I had a very pleasant first Reiki experience with Susanne! I felt in really good hands from the beginning to the end. I went into the session with an open mind, and it was definitely an experience that I will not forget! I highly recommend Susanne’s Reiki sessions, no doubt!

I went to Susanne last week for a reiki session after suffering intense stress and anxiety for an extended period of time. Susanne is an incredibly gifted practitioner. I was dubious about whether reiki could help, considering how much I had let things build up and how desperate I was feeling. I left the session feeling like a weight had been lifted, and I have the tools to continue to care for my mental health. It was one of the most peaceful experiences I have had in a long time, and I would urge anyone struggling to go to Susanne for at least one reiki session. She is amazing! So much so that I immediately recommended her to my sister, who also had an extremely positive session with Susanne.

It's hard to do Susanne justice in a review, but I'll give it a go... I had my first-ever Reiki session yesterday, and it was such a lovely, relaxing and positive experience! I definitely felt a lot lighter when I left, like a lot of negative feelings I was harbouring ( these feelings are toxic, and I'm all about positivity) were unblocked. Susanne also gave me the tools to know how to deal with these thought processes if/when they try to creep back! I already have sessions booked with Susanne into the new year!

Amazing treatment with Susanne, as always. I needed a massage and got both that and healing. I was feeling a million dollars after the treatment. Thanks so much, Susanne.

I cannot rate Susanne highly enough. She is such a good therapist. I have had a few different treatments, and each has been more than worth it. I look forward to more amazing sessions.

Susanne is such a wonderful and gifted person. I felt at ease immediately, and I have never experienced a treatment as good, and I will be back. Thank you

I arrived in pain and left on a cloud! Susanne has always worked her magic. She has such a gift.

Thank you, Susanne. I highly recommend you. You have a very special gift. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I will definitely be back. Nyree

I had a lovely treatment with Susanne. She is a lovely, kind and caring person who makes you feel at ease instantly. I'm looking forward to returning.

I had a Reiki/ Energy Healing treatment with Sussane, and I truly enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend it, and I will definitely be going back for other kind of treatments. Thank you for the great experience I had.

Amazing practitioner, Suzanne, very few are as good as her! Highly recommend!

It was such a lovely experience with Suzanne today; thank you. I left Suzanne in a totally relaxing mood; I can not wait for my next appointment, and I can not recommend Suzanne enough. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and very good at what she does. I had a body massage and reiki done today. It was wonderful.

That was one of the most spiritual healing sessions I have experienced. It was beautiful. I felt safe, held and grounded in love.

I attend the SUMA salon in Newbridge once a week and have a session with Susanne, and I have great relief from pain for a few days. It's not just the treatment but the advice she gives is also helpful for my anxiety. I feel better after every session and recommend any treatment Susanne gives to anyone in pain or any issues, as she is excellent in her care of the person. I will go back again.

Absolutely amazing. Suzanne is truly gifted, warm and friendly and puts you completely at ease. I will definitely be back.

This is a true haven in downtown Newbridge, and Susanne is a real professional who immediately puts you at ease so that you enjoy the full benefit of your chosen treatment.

I loved every minute of my massage. I was so tired and my shoulders and neck were aching; Suzanne knew exactly what pressure to use and how to release all the tension that I was carrying in my shoulders. Suzanne is a lovely woman and I look forward to my next treatment with her. I think I’m going to go for some reiki. The heat from her hands is incredible 😀 I’m one very happy person this evening; it was exactly what I needed.

Suma Holistic provides great relaxation and stress relief treatments. Susanne is such a lovely woman just to chat with, as well as a great professional. I have visited Suma Holistic twice: Reiki and Indian head massage. I could strongly recommend both treatments for all who need to recharge their batteries. I felt so relaxed and calm after a few days. After an Indian head massage, the pain around my shoulders and neck was just gone. I am Looking forward to meeting Susanne once again.

I had pain in my arm for three weeks, and I never thought the Reiki treatment would help me with it. It absolutely did! I just wish I would have shared all of my aches and pains and see if that could have been solved, too. I 100% recommend it.

I had a brilliant experience with Susanne. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed for my pregnancy massage. My back immediately felt less tense after our session! I would definitely recommend it!

I had the most amazing treatment from Susanne in the Balanced Bodies Holistic Centre. I needed clearing to move on from past emotions; what came up really surprised me. This girl is super talented and a true healer. xxx

I had a course of hypnotherapy with Susanne, and I'm so grateful to her for all that she's done for me to facilitate my clearing, healing and reprogramming of my unconscious so that I feel less anxious and blocked and more confident, happy and at peace. Susanne is so good at what she does. She's passionate, calm, connected and always ready to help. She made me feel safe and loved during the process and really cared about how I was doing. I've definitely noticed a positive difference in how I'm feeling and interacting with the world since these sessions with Susanne. Thank you so much!

Absolutely fantastic. Best treatment I've had in a very long time. Susanne is amazing. Can't wait to go back again very soon. Feel revived and rejuvenated.

Susanne is truly gifted in everything she does. Her treatments are second to none. Susanne’s kind heart shines through with love and light in every treatment. No matter what you want to work on, whether it be relaxation, addressing a pain you have, or even an emotional situation, Susanne will help steer you in the right direction. She is extremely professional and an absolute joy to work with. She has a wonderful way of putting you at ease and describes the treatment prior to it so you know what’s to come. I can’t recommend Susanne enough! She’s amazing at what she does!

Mark’s Testimonials

"I am so grateful for the work Mark and Biomagnetic Therapy have done for me; it has changed my life forever. I would really recommend this therapy. I had been chronically ill for six years, so I have done lots of therapies, tests, and medications, and they were only giving me minor relief until I found this! I was bedbound for most of my teenage years; fatigue, constant pain, migraines, extreme weakness...I had a long list of symptoms. After going to Biomagnetic therapy, I am now working full time; I can exercise, I have energy, and most importantly, I'm not in pain. The results I have gotten from this therapy are amazing! My life today is one I could have only dreamt of this time last year!"


For several years, I have suffered from a sinus problem that I thought I could get under control with an operation. Unfortunately, the hope for success did not materialise, and for a number of years, I have repeatedly suffered from Sinus problems, including the loss of smell and taste that continued for months. A friend introduced me to biomagnetic therapy by telling me about Mark, who was able to cure him of a health condition. I didn't hesitate for a minute and underwent this therapy with Mark. The success amazed me! After the first treatment, which lasted about 1 1/2 hours, I could suddenly smell and taste the next morning. The feeling was great to have my senses back! Unfortunately, this condition only lasted for a short time, but I couldn't expect that after such a long period of not smelling and tasting, everything would suddenly be fine again. But, I knew that Mark could help me with biomagnetic therapy and cure this problem. Since then, I smell and taste more from treatment to treatment, and not only that, the sinus problem has improved considerably since then. Mark treated another health problem that I have with great success! The treatment concerns a traumatic pain that stems from my childhood. After three treatments, the pain began to ease considerably, which finally gave me the feeling of being alive again. It was unbelievable as Mark was doing a quantum healing by Zoom from Ireland to Austria. In addition to his knowledge of biomagnetic therapy, Mark also has great empathy, which makes him a really good therapist. I would like to
warmly recommend Mark, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all his efforts and his kindness. I wish him every success in his work! Thanks, Mark, for your help!

Walther / Austria

My 11-year-old daughter suddenly developed really bad headaches. I brought her to my GP on two separate occasions, and she was prescribed antibiotics, but she didn't get any relief. I wasn't sure what to do next, and a friend recommended Mark; I would have tried anything at this stage in the hopes that it would alleviate the pain.

I contacted Mark, and we made our appointment. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I found Mark very knowledgeable, and he had a lovely manner; he put us both at ease.

From the first session, my daughter started to feel relief. Mark was able to advise what had caused the headaches in the first place and how many sessions it would take for him to eliminate them. We attended the clinic for a number of weeks, and by the end of this time, the headaches were completely gone.

I was so fascinated by the whole process that I and my whole family attended Mark for various ailments. I would recommend Mark without hesitation, and I know that my family and I will remain his clients.


Lidwien Testimonials

Whether in the studio or outdoors on the Curragh Plains, Lidwien’s yoga classes are a physical, emotional, and spiritual delight. Her gentle guidance is always detailed and precise, and her focus is on your practice, always attentive to your safety. After a yoga class with Lidwien, I leave my mat a calmer, stronger, more balanced human, ready to face the world in a mindful manner.

Pauline Clooney.

I have been taking Pilates classes with Lidwien for over a year now and find her classes excellent. I had been suffering from back problems recently, but since starting, I have built core strength and recovered well. I would highly recommend Lidwien's classes; she is a fantastic instructor, and she always offers enjoyable classes.

Georgie Pouch

I have been a regular attendee at Balanced Bodies since it opened in 2019. Lidwien is an excellent Pilates teacher who knows how to push you to your limits while never forgetting the fundamentals. She has also provided excellent online lessons throughout the lockdown period, giving me that little boost I need every day.

Dierdre Berwick

I have been taking a weekly Pilates class with Lidwien since September 2022. Like most of the newbies starting, I was quite wobbly to start with, but you can definitely see the improvement over time when you stick with it. My core is a lot stronger, and I feel stronger and more stable in general walking around day to day. Every class is doable but always stretches you a little into something more challenging. There are different classes - beginners up to more advanced. Lidwien is careful to help people avoid injury and gives gentler alternatives to some of the poses. She has a genuine interest in Pilates and health in general, and it shows. I plan to keep doing Pilates long term.

Estelle Taylor

When I first went to Balanced Bodies, I was a complete Pilates novice. Lidwien was very understanding of my limitations and guided me through the basic movements. One year later, I have seen a huge improvement in movement and core strength. I've also seen an end to all the nasty lower back niggles I was prone to. I would highly recommend Lidwien to anyone who wants to take Pilates!

Mark Whelan

Lidwien is the most wonderful yoga/pilates teacher I have ever had. I always come away from her classes feeling relaxed and re-energised. I hope her classes will always be part of my life.

Susan Cogan

I have been attending Lidwien's classes for years now. She teaches a great mix of yoga and Pilates that I find both challenging and calming. I have always favoured Pilates, but through Lidwien, I have learned the benefits of yoga for the body and mind. I'm especially grateful for the Zoom classes over the last year. They have been an unexpected highlight of 2020.

Maire Dolan

From my very first class, I've enjoyed Lidwien's enthusiasm, patience, love of yoga and demeanour. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Lidwien's instruction flows seamlessly. It is smooth, clear, and concise. Her cues allow me to know what she wants me to do next, enabling me to be engaged mentally and physically the whole time. Her voice, volume and tone are perfect and create a remarkable atmosphere. I leave her class both relaxed and full of positive energy.

Louise Lawler

Lidwien's classes are innovative, calm, always professional and tailored to the group's needs. Challenging us to build strength physically and mentally. I highly recommend her Pilates or yoga classes for beginners and athletes alike. You cannot but deepen your yoga experience and strengths with Lidwien's classes.

Edwina Moore

Cecelia’s Testimonials

Cecelia is always well-prepared for her classes. She is very vigilant and is constantly monitoring those participating to ensure that they are performing the moves safely and offering alternatives to those who are having difficulty. She encourages us to stretch ourselves (no pun intended!) while at the same time making us feel comfortable if we decide on an easier option. Especially as an older participant, I feel in very safe hands in Cecelia's class.

Maria O'Donoghue

I suffered from joint and back pain; however, since attending Cecelia's classes, the pain in my back and my joints have eased and become much stronger. As well as feeling so much stronger and mobile, I have learned through Cecelia's instruction how to manage my stress levels and embrace calmness. I really couldn't be without my classes now.

Ann-Marie Murren

Cecelia’s yoga classes for me have always been very positive and encouraging. Cecelia explains, demonstrates, and patiently guides me as I learn the intended pose, and her unwavering support and ability to motivate me pushes me forward until I master the intended pose. The work we have done on breathing techniques has completely transformed me, as prior to commencing this yoga, I often found it difficult to get to sleep. I am a new woman as a result of this and cannot thank Cecelia enough.

Frances O Donovan

Cecelia is a lovely, pleasant lady, easy to approach, and explains everything slowly and easily; her classes are a joy to attend

Noreen O'Keeffe

Cecelia is a lovely, pleasant lady, easy to approach, and explains everything slowly and easily to understand; her classes are a joy to I had not done yoga before joining Cecelia’s classes. I must say I am getting a lot out of them, both physically and mentally. The classes are very welcoming. Cecelia caters for all levels. Consistency is important in attendance to really get the benefits. When I miss a few classes, I definitely notice a difference. If somebody is considering starting yoga, I would highly recommend these classes.


Yoga was amazing!!! Very different types of yoga... I felt so relaxed after Maria’s session!!! She was brilliant!


It was great. Loved the kundalini yoga...really great to do. I didn't know what it was going to be, but I felt so alive and energised after it. Maria is lovely.


If anyone is interested in yoga, I highly recommend Maria Fok’s Kundalini yoga class in Newbridge at 9:45 on Wednesday mornings. Gentle stretches, breath work, meditation- strangely relaxing, grounding, yet energising at the same time. Brilliant teacher.


Sarah’s classes are an oasis of calm in a busy week that I always look forward to.



Sarah’s classes are such a great start to my week. I love them. If I miss even one class I definitely notice a difference in myself that week and I make sure I return the week after.


Sarah’s classes are absolutely amazing and Sarah brings a fantastic energy with her.


I love attending Sarah’s classes, there like a big hug in my busy week.


I always have the best nights sleep after Sarah’s classes.


Sarah’s classes are the most beautiful yoga and meditation classes I’ve ever went to.


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